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Department of Murdered Darlings1

[From my current wip. Lizbet has won a fight with Maglet, a woman who intends her harm, by reciting a spell that belonged to her father, which makes noses bigger, until Maglet's nose is so big that she can't lift her head off the ground. Lizbet discovers that if you recite the spell backward, it makes Maglet's nose smaller.]

"What happens if you say it backwards too often?" Strix said. "Will it come full circle, and start making her nose bigger again? Or will Maglet get a nose-shaped hole in her face?"

"Strix," Lizbet said, "you have the weirdest ideas."

"Is it signed, or unsigned?"

Lizbet looked at the spell. "It has my father's signature at the bottom. Is that you mean?"

1. and tyops
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