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Review: 'Sorcerer Hunters: Magical Encounters'

THIS anime is about cute girls with big breasts in SM leather queen outfits.

And not about much else, as far as I could tell.


There had been so much talk about this show on raam, I had had moderately high expectations for it. I mean, how can you go wrong with a Hayashibara Megumi vehicle? ADV recent released the first seven episodes on DVD as 'Sorcerer Hunters: Magical Encounters', and I have finished struggling through them. Episode summary (about any episode): Opening credits. Carrot ogles a pretty girl, sometimes underage. Tira and Chocolate Misu transform into leather queens and beat him up. Closing credits. Sometimes they actually hunt a sorcerer. Usually they don't. I don't see the point of this show.

The art is undistinguished. The backgrounds suck. The acting (Japanese) is adequate. Yes, the girls, and their breasts, are very cute, but that's not enough to save the show.

On the plus side, the music is good, and the value (if you like the show) is outstanding, 7 episodes on the first DVD, for a list price of $29.98. If you don't like the show, of course, any price is too much. I may try to sell mine on eBay.

I've read other reviews which say the show picks up at midpoint, around episode 13, when the producers changed writers. Sorry, that's too long to wait, there's too much other good stuff out there, and too much stuff sitting on my shelves, unwatched.

Sorcerer Hunters: Magical Encounters
A.D. Vision
DVD Release Date: March 27, 2001
Run Time: 165 minutes
Region 1
ASIN: B000059S0L

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