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Alien baby appearance

THIS alien elephant baby appeared in my workplace last night.

Luckily, it was quickly captured by an alert security guard.

We don't know what it means. It is surely of alien origin, note the aqua skin, saltimbanque clothing, superdeformed physiognomy, bizarre trunk, and goofy smile. We speculate that it was exchanged for a human infant, who even now is suckling at the bosom of some alien aqua-hued elephantine nurse, tens of millions of light-years away under a blue sun and an orange sun, as a Babar-like court of stately elephant aliens regard it gnomically.

We will teach it everything we know of humanity. It will go on playdates, and to Infant Swim lessons, it will be dressed in GapKids clothing, and carefully strapped into its rear-facing carseat. When it is grown, perhaps it will be exchanged again for its grown human counterpart, who will be returned to us, wearing particolored clothing, speaking no known language, who will try, haltingly, to impart to us the ways of the the distant alien civilization of his rearing.

I decided to make the alien elephant baby my Short Duration Personal Savior for the rest of the shift. And he blessed us with his presence. The shift went very well.

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