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Notes from Readercon, 7/17/08

Thursday night

Panel: Snape, Gollum, and Other Moral Linchpins. Michael A. Burstein, Elizabeth Hand, Yves Meynard, Cecilia Tan, Ann Tonsor Zeddies. I love morally ambiguous, troubled, or otherwise unsimple characters. However, although the discussion was not without interest, it just sort of circled around without focusing on an object, or generating any interesting disagreements. I'm not all that sure Snape and Gollum are linchpins, anyway, and that may have started the discussion off on the wrong foot, with pondering of the nature of linchpins. I think they're more like pivots. Or grommets. Or load-bearing bosses. Or maybe kumquats.

Andy Duncan, reading excerpts from a story-in-progress, "The Night Cache." It's a ghost story, with geocaching. There weren't actually any ghosts in the parts he read, although, in ghost stories, like detective stories, you don't really know until the end, who was or was not a ghost. The dialog was witty, entertaining, and evidenced Andy's usual good ear for how real people talk. The characters were intriguing, the prose crisp, and the pace in control. The first scene included a neatly executed misdirection/switcheroo, a little clinic in how to pique the reader's interest. I liked the story. It may be headed for a Datlow anthology in the future.

The Polymath, or, The Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman. A 2007 documentary film directed by Fred Barney Taylor. That's quite a beard Delany has. The film focused more on Delany's extravagant sex life than on his writing, and the filmmaking technique called attention to itself a little too much, but still, well worth watching.
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