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License plate frames

BLUESNEWS notes that now you can buy an 'All Your Base' auto license plate frame

This is dumb? The joke is dead, dead, dead. Anyway, if I wanted a weird license plate frame, I'd prefer one that reflected my school spirit in my alma mater, dear old Miskatonic University, home of the Fightin' Cephalopods.

Or even design my own. I think I'll do that. I'm tired of advertising my car dealership.

What should I put on it? What deathless message can I convey to the world in two lines of about 20 spaces each?

Hey, it's a poll! Everyone loves a poll!

Poll #9564 License plate text

What should I put on my license plate frame?

Smash the World's Shell
Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku
What Would Akio Do?
Other (leave a comment with your suggestion)

Results not binding, employees and family members of Blither & Blah Big Accounting Firm not eligible, hot when cooked, do not use while asleep, your mileage may vary, etc., etc.

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