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I just learned that Tom Disch is dead.

Anything I say will seem inadequate. Disch was one of my favorite writers, one whose stories I most loved, and whose skills I most admired. I've never really studied Disch's technique as I have that of other writers, I think because I consider him sui generis: what he did cannot be imitated. Yet his work is inspiring, in the sense that it proves that, in what often seems like a sea of mediocrity, work as good as Disch's is possible.

I don't think a week goes by that I don't remember a passage, or a character, out of Camp Concentration.

There's a long thread on Making Light. Many of the comments are along the lines of, 'I hope he finds peace'. I'm an atheist. I believe Disch is dead, period. Peace doesn't enter into it. I wish he'd found more peace while alive. I'm glad he had the chance to leave a substantial body of truly wonderful fiction for the rest of us, and I'm glad he took it.
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