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The same arts that did gain / A power, must it maintain

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has warned that veterans he commanded in his country's liberation war will take up arms again to prevent the opposition party from taking power.

Mugabe told supporters that Tsvangirai would turn the country back over to white control if he won the runoff.

"They said they got this country through the barrel of gun, so they cannot let it go by a ballot," Mugabe said...

                       .  .  .

But Thou, the War's and Fortune's son,
March indefatigably on;
        And for the last effect
        Still keep the sword erect:

Besides the force it has to fright
The spirits of the shady night,
        The same arts that did gain
        A power, must it maintain.

—Andrew Marvell, from: "Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland"
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