Be wise. Be brave. Be tricky. (slithytove) wrote,
Be wise. Be brave. Be tricky.

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Room 2: Chest pain, EKG changes, admitted.
Room 3: Intoxicated, acting erratically, chased into ER by police. Alcohol 252 mg/dL.
Room 4: Intoxicated, domestic dispute, head injury. Alcohol 281.
Room 5: Bipolar, OD, drug screen positive for several substances
Room 6: Intoxicated, domestic dispute, fled police, broke ankle. Alcohol 208.
Room 7: Drinking all day, passed out in bar. Vomiting. Alcohol 283.
Room 8: Elderly. Abdominal pain.
Room 9: Cocaine. Chest pain.
Room 10: Infant. Diaper rash.
Room 12: Intoxicated. Alcohol 381.

I don't care what the date is, SUMMER IS HERE.
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