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I ache in the places where I used to play

Department of Gobsmack, Facepalm, and Head Explode:

1. Vegetable Rights. Not endangered species. Just plain old plants. Step on the grass unnecessarily in Switzerland, Bunky, and before you know it, you're being arraigned in the Hague.

Next: rights for metamorphic rocks, noble gases, and Bratz™ dolls. Oh, you laugh, but you laughed at human rights for asparagus, too, and now look.

2. Politics makes strange, strange bedfellows, but... conservatives start to like Hillary? No, this not just Rush's 'Operation Chaos': "A tactical hope to see her campaign flourish--to keep the brawl going and knock dents in Obama--has changed to, at least in some cases, a grudging respect for the lady herself."
One observer once said that the main importance of PT-109 in the life of John Kennedy was that it was the only time in his life (until he was murdered) when the power and wealth of his father couldn't help him at all. Hillary in February 2008, after Obama's stunning string of 10 victories, was like JFK in the water--everything she was used to relying on had proved to be useless... In these dire straits, Hillary channeled her inner survivor, and, like John Kennedy, became a Gut Fighter writ large. She fought her way to an island, dragging her crew mates behind her, fed them on coconuts, and sent word for rescue. And then it came. "This one's for you!" she cried out to her base in hard-pressed Ohio as she pulled out the Big One, to their riotous cheers.

It was about this time that her presentation, and her persona, underwent notable change.

After March 4, she suddenly seemed to look and sound different: She began to seem real. The shrillness was gone, and so was The Cackle, and so were the forced southern accents that once caused so many so much merriment. Hillary!--whoever that was--never really cohered as a character; her previous poses--the Perfect Wife, the Aggrieved Wife, the Empress-in-Waiting--were all unconvincing, but in her new role--the scrapper, forced to the wall, and hanging in there with ferocious and grim resolution--she is suddenly all of a piece.
You know, this year I don't it think it would be a disaster if any of the three current major candidates were elected. I'm not all that enthusiastic about any of them, and I think all would be likely to make major errors (McCain would make different errors than than the Democrats, of course), but America would survive the experience. This is a large improvement over 2004, when both candidates were simply awful.

Remember when I threatened to buy all the Leonard Cohen CDs I had missed since the mid-70s? Well, I'm not there yet, but the first shipment from Amazon just arrived. OMG, no one can write lyrics like that man. Or sing them. I generally prefer female singers to male, by a ratio of at least 20:1. But I'll make an exception for Leonard.

See, what my life needs is backup singers in little black dresses, going "Ooo, na-na" when I say poetic and signficant things.
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