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I don't believe it. Kimagure Orange Road is no longer licensed by AnimEigo, and is being fansubbed by LiveEvil.

If you don't know KOR: it was very popular with American fans in the early 1990s, the era of fansubbing to VHS tape. There's a 48 episode TV show, some OAVs, and a movie tying up the plot strings left dangling at the end of the TV run. (A decade later there was another where-are-they-now movie, that was well-received, but isn't really canon. I haven't seen it.) I bought the AnimEigo subbed OAV tapes, and when they finally bought rights to the TV show and released it on LD, I bought those too, right at the end of the LD era. It's been years since I've watched it, and lately I've been thinking of dusting off the old LD player and giving it a go again.

Ayukawa Madoka. Sigh.

KOR is basically an early iteration of shounen harem teen romantic comedy: one hapless guy (who has psionic powers) and two cute girls. I can't stand this genre nowadays, but KOR does a decent job with it, with blessedly little fan service. Animation and character design are typical of two decades ago. The plot has a lot of the expected lightweight nonsense, but also a few moments that are genuinely touching and moving. Music is a strong point. It's straight-up J-pop with rock influences, and I like it a lot.

Heh. The first episode is prefaced by some amusing stuff about the subbing history of KOR, and examples of what you got with a high generation VHS sub. Yeah, I watched Utena that way. 3 lines of chroma resolution, and not that much more luma. Oh, and some decade-late bashing of the Arctic fansub group. Nice.

In honor of this event, here's some of the music from KOR, off two OST CDs I own.

From the Mogitate Special CD:

Choose Me — Tsubokura Yuiko

An incandescent paean to adolescent love. Used as the OP on some of the OAVs.

Choose me! And take on me! Dance with me again!
And hold tight to the me that no one knows,
Because lover's hearts are whimsical indeed.

Tokidoki Blue — Tachibana Yuki

Used as the ED on some of the OAVs. Sweet and sad.

After we kiss, I make myself seem happy, but I'm really
Sometimes blue.

From the Loving Heart CD:

Tender Jealousy — Tomizawa Michie & Honda Chieko

This may be an 'image' song; I don't recognize it from the show. But it's high energy, and I like it a lot.

Actress in the Mirror — Nakahara Meiko

Used as the OP on some of the OAVs. Reflects the troubled heart of Madoka. Much of KOR is bittersweet. This song is just plain bitter.

My manicure will only serve to decorate the night.

I love that line.
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