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My day


I voted. It's an unexciting off-year election, but there's one guy running for state Supreme Court, Mike Eakin, who has an interest in tort reform, and his opponent has the heavy backing of the trial lawyers. It's not often that life hands you this clear a choice between Good and Evil. I had to go vote for Mr. Eakin.

My furnace died last night. Had to call a guy in this morning to fix it. Damage: $163. Ouch. The joys of being a homeowner.

More joys of being a homeowner: a Downy Woodpecker was earnestly working away at my cedar siding yesterday morning. 9_9

I have a scratchy throat, and I feel achy. Probably a virus coming on. Damn. I had missed the viruses that made the rounds of folks in my workplace earlier in the fall, but it looks like I'm not going to dodge this bullet.

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