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A Blasphemous Christian Fantasy For Young Readers

Which Includes: Several Witches, Two Evil Overlords, The Usual Spunky Heroine, Magic Big And Small, A Well-Intentioned But Not Terribly Helpful Christian God, Misbehaving Furry Devils, A Murderer Come To His Just Deserts, A Perilous Journey, Mysterious And Shocking Events And Discoveries, Goblins And More Goblins, Practical Automata, Danger, Sin, Crime, Resourcefulness, Courage, Jokes, Droll Dialog, A Touching Friendship, And Some Mild Homoerotic Subtext.

Plus A Few Grice.

Despite the meter above, I actually have about 44,000 words of notes, worldbuilding, character sketches, plot outline, snatches of dialog, and some actual previous draft that needs to be vivisected and reassembled. I've been struggling with plot for the past month. Now it's done, or at least done enough to start actually writing.

I find plotting more work and less fun than actually writing. But I need to do it. If I don't, the story wanders all over, picking up whatever ideas are going through my head at the time, and usually ends up wedged. Did that a couple years ago, and wound up with three stories in a row stuck in the middle of the second act, and several months wasted.

Never again. As painful as I find it to work on plot instead of actually producing word output, I must know where I'm going if I'm going to wind up anywhere worth the effort. Not everyone is like this. Some people can just start writing and end up, after revisions, with a coherent story or novel. I have found, through experience, that I can't.
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