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Cheesy website

OOPS Award, Webpage Execution, with Special Mention for Hosed Database:

Speaking of cheesy stuff, go to CheeseNet, click the button for 'World Cheese Index', then under 'Find a Cheese', hit the search button without entering anything. You will get a page with all the cheeses in CheeseNet's database. Including a cheese poetically named 'arsearsearsearse', and a cheese called 'Ashley B.' the description of which looks suspiciously like an entry in a site-visitor comment database, 'Cheddar' with a description of 'orange yummy good', and another cheese (from Italy!) called 'Cheddar/Crap'. Eek. Don't want to try that one.

WTF happened here? Is this a zombie site, that may have been caught in the debacle, and isn't being maintained? Did whoever was in charge of populating the database quit halfway through, leaving a bunch of dummy entries? And how the hell did the user comment wind up in the cheese database? Who knows, but the result is pretty amusing.

Don't miss the entry for a cheese called 'Ear wax'. Ick..

Update, 15 minutes later: Okay, I see what their problem is. Users can suggest new cheeses for the database, but no one's screening them, user submissions are going straight into the searchable cheese database, resulting in the db filling up with all sorts of crap. Hehe! Oh, my, all sorts of opportunities for creative mischief here, aren't there? I entered a cheese called 'LiveJournal'. Look for it! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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