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Four Rhymes of Strix


When snakes walk,
And horses talk,
Then I shall wed the air!
When fire's cold,
And newborns old,
His scion shall I bear.


I am the rose you cut, that soon must die,
The letter that you penned, and threw away,
And every lie you ever told a friend,
And burning tears upon your wedding day.


My sword's a rose,
My pen's my nose,
My belt's a snake,
My comb's a rake,
My voice a bell,
My heaven, hell,
A crow my king,
My kiss a sting,
My day is night,
My love is spite!


Milk pail,
The Devil lives in Hell.
Queen Anne cherries,
Ask him how he fell.
Cigar box,
A fib he'll likely tell:
Chicken bones,
Kidney stones,
He tumbled down a well.


(Strix is a young witch in my current wip.)
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