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UAV branding

I note that a new UAV has been deployed by the Air Force in Afghanistan, the MQ-9 Reaper, which I hadn't heard of before. So far, among UAVs used by the services (whose existence is publicly acknowledged), we have the Reaper, the Predator, the Raven, the Global Hawk, the Dragon Eye, the Shadow, among others.

Who's responsible for the branding here? It's positively retro. Don't these names have the flavor of Marvel heroes or villains? Or even earlier characters, from the pulps of the 1930s and '40s? These names are distinctly modern, using 'modern' in the technical sense, of 'style, politics, and attitudes in the Western world between 1900 and the end of WWII'.

If they'd had UAVs in the Middle Ages, would they have been named things like 'the Black', 'the Red', 'the Pius', 'the Fat', 'the Fair', 'the Lame', and so on? And 'Bluetooth'. Wait, we still name things 'Bluetooth'.

If they'd had UAVs during the Renaissance, they would have names like Revenge, and Victory.

But we're post-moderns now, aren't we? Why do our weapons of war have names like supporting characters in Terry and the Pirates?

Proposed names for future robotic hunter-killers: Hegemonist. Privilege. Brand. Transgressor. Meme. They'd have nose art of an attractive person in a bathing suit whose gender challenges conventional western bourgeois norms, and the legend, "Decode THIS!"

Related: the first UAV I've heard of that is powered by an extension cord. An extension cord. Evangelion was positively prophetic, I'm telling you.
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