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Glassbooth. A poll to tell you whom you should support for President in 2008.

...aaaand I got:

John McCain 74% similarity to my views.
Fred Thompson 73%
Mitt Romney 69%
Rudy Giuliani 66%

And just for chuckles, John "Hurled the Little Streets Upon the Great" Edwards, 46%, and Dennis "The Elf Princess's Hobbit" Kucinich, 41%, bringing up the rear.

I can't vote for McCain. I know you're a hero, but right now you're too old, looking tired, and anyone who seriously believes campaign finance reform will make any damn difference has got a screw loose.

Can't vote for Fred. Ex-trial lawyer. Blocked tort reform while he was in the Senate. There are some things a man just can't do, and I can't vote for a fascist, a child molester, or a trial lawyer. I'd vote for Hillary first.

Can't vote for Romney. Sorry, Mormons weird me out. Golden plates? American Indians the Lost Tribes of Israel? Tithing? The Mormons need a Reformation. Why aren't there any Unitarian Mormons, or Deist Mormons, or Baha'i Mormons or something?

Which leaves Rudy. I've already sent him a campaign contribution. Understand, I'm not enthusiastic about him. I haven't been enthusiastic about any candidate in my adult life. But this cycle, Rudy is the best of the usual bad lot.

So, how'd you do? Kucinich or Gravel, right?

It's okay, I still love ya all.
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