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Drink sack and sack cities

Poll #1070618 sack_of_rome

The Sack of Rome was:

A fortified white wine much loved by Romans, and widely drunk at parties, weddings, saturnalias and bar mitzvas.
A shapeless dress worn by unstylish Roman matrons.
A magical bag that reduced the weight of its contents by 75%. Found as a rare drop on a Legendary Epic Undead Gracchus Brother in the Dark Forums expansion pack.
The chariot racing tactic of a driver leaping from his chariot and dragging an opposing driver to the ground.

You'd think the word 'sack' was Anglo-Saxon, wouldn't you? It's abrupt and gutteral and such. Sounds like the name of some minor dwarf in the Edda. But you'd be wrong. Its origin is Middle Eastern. Just goes to show.. well, I don't know what the hell it goes to show, but it's interesting.

The ordinary word sack carries within it a few thousand years of commercial history. Sack, which probably goes back to Middle Eastern antiquity, has a long history because it and its ancestors denoted an object used in trade between various peoples. Thus the Greeks got their word sakkos, "a bag made out of coarse cloth or hair," from the Phoenicians with whom they traded. We do not know the Phoenician word, but we know words that are akin to it, such as Hebrew śaq and Akkadian saqqu. The Greeks then passed the sack, as it were, to the Latin-speaking Romans, who transmitted their word saccus, "a large bag or sack," to the Germanic tribes with whom they traded, who gave it the form *sakkiz (other peoples have also taken this word from Greek or Latin, including speakers of Welsh, Russian, Polish, and Albanian). The speakers of Old English, a Germanic language, used two forms of the word, sæc, from *sakkiz, and sacc, directly from Latin; the second Old English form is the ancestor of our sack.
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