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jimvanpelt has an interesting post about slush reading. This caught my eye:
An observation I've made before but reading slush has really driven home to me is how many rejectable stories rush to familiarity. This starts at the sentence level where the beginning phrases take the reader to the most expected and comfortable concluding words. Their paragraphs do that too, and, ultimately, the story falls predictably toward a denouement that fits like an old slipper (as familiar as the cliche I used to end this sentence). This is why I think the better stories generate excitement in me before I get to the bottom of the first page. Sentences aren't ending expectedly! Word choices are fresh! The connections between thoughts are intriguing!

A story that is interesting at the sentence level in the first couple of paragraphs has a much better chance of being interesting at the end than one that has no hint of freshness early.
Right. Eschew the expected and comfortable. It is perilously easy to write in the same rut, isn't it? But the best writing jumps out of the rut, and rushes across the landscape in an unexpected direction, and it's all the reader can do to keep up, scared and excited at the same time about where the story's going.

Jim says that voice is a big part of it. Yep, I believe that's true, too.


meaning: refine, train, drill

錬金術 == renkinjutsu == (noun) alchemy
錬成 == rensei == (noun) training, drilling

Left radical is 'metal'. Right radical is a character found only in Chinese meaning 'select/remove from bundle', which here acts phonetically to express 'heat'. 'Heat metal' refers to the refining process. Individuals who are trained or drill are 'refined' metaphorically. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as 'east' (東), and as a mnemonic: ''Go east for training in metal refining.''

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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