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I've been seeing this TV ad for Smith and Wollensky (an upper-tier steakhouse) lately. Music from the Mass in B Minor, happy diners, waiters in white aprons, tantalizing shots of sizzling steak, snappy editing. After twenty-five seconds of this, the punchline: "If steak were a religion, this would be its cathedral."

But see, what I worry about is, if steak were a religion, what would be its Inquisition? What black cowled priests of the Society of Angus would ferret out luckless believers in pasta and break them on the wheel? What Tar Heel pork barbecue eater would be sent to the fire, and as flame consumed him, thrust out his fork in his fist and exclaim, "This hand hath offended, let it be first to be burned!"?

What would be steak's bushido, who would be its kshatriya? What bloody crusades against humble lentil eaters around the globe would steak's T-bonic Knights carry out? Would radical steakists hijack aircraft and plunge them into the Moosewood Restaurant, screaming, "There is no God but Allah Carte!"?

Maybe I'm overthinking this.

In other news, I had Verizon FiOS installed yesterday. It's yummy.

In local news, big congrats to She Who Must Not Be Named But Is Somewhere on My Flist, whose agent has negotiated a two book deal with Unnamed Major Romance Publisher, but is also shopping the works elsewhere for a possibly higher advance. I've read the first couple chapters of the first novel, and it's good stuff. Also hot. Very, very hot.


sa(ku), sa(keru)

meaning: split, rip, rend

裂け目 == sakeme == (noun) rent, tear, crack
決裂 == ketsuretsu == (noun) breakdown, rupture

Bottom radical 'clothing' (衣).The top radical is 'row/line' (列), which here is used in its original sense of 'cut up in sequence'. This character originally meant 'cutting cloth to make clothing'; it has since acquired meanings related to destructive cutting, tearing, ripping, etc. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Row of ripped clothes.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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