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I like blueberries and I cannot lie

I like blueberries on my breakfast cereal.

Here in eastern Pennsylvania, seasonal blueberries begin to appear in supermarkets in June. The imprint on the box shows that they were grown in Florida. A little later, the boxes begin to read 'North Carolina'. By late June or early July we start getting blueberries from New Jersey, and later in July and August, from Michigan. Finally, in mid-August, we briefly get blueberries from Canada. It is as if the blueberry axis of North America slowly swivels around each year, from the Gulf Coast to the edge of the arctic tundra.

I dub this the Precession of the Blueberries.

I can't explain the retrograde motion of blueberries during winter, when we unaccountably get small amounts of very expensive berries from Chile.

Nor are the mechanics of other fruit similar to those of blueberries. All strawberries, for example, appear to emanate from a single point source in the San Fernando Valley, while there is a diffuse background radiation of cantaloupe from New Mexico and Arizona from early Spring through Autumn.1

To explain these phenomena, we must await a Grand Unified Theory of Breakfast.

1. Why is Autumn the only season with two names? Is it being sneaky?


meaning: slave, prisoner

隷従 == reijuu == (noun) slavery
奴隷 == dorei == (noun) slave, servant

Right radical is a character found only in Chinese meaning 'seize by the tail'. The left element acts phonetically to express 'pledge'. This character originally meant to obtain a pledged slave. Henshall suggests taking the left element as 'samurai' (士) and 'show' (示), and as a mnemonic: 'Samurai seized and shown as slave.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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