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The tove who lived

I'M back. My plane didn't crash, I didn't die in the canyon, I didn't break anything, I completed my hiking loop as planned. But was it was fun? Yes, but... full report later. Lots of time to think. About the canyon, the purposes of fear, Las Vegas, Neil Gaimon's American Gods, the downside of black luggage, the aging process, and lots of other stuff. As Pooh would say, "Think, think, think."

I'm off my usual schedule. I usually work nights and sleep days, but you can't backpack like that, so I had to reverse onto a normal human day/night schedule for my trip. Now I have to reverse back again. Ick. I've been up for about 22 hours now. I'll try to make 24, then crash, and try to work my day/night schedule around the clock until I'm back on track. It's going to be... weird.

Elsewhere in the news, is respecting CPM's Adolescence Mokushiroku release date. >.<

Anyone else think that Gaiman's American Gods is sort of like SKU with bad cars? Well, okay, maybe it isn't very much like SKU at all, but the cars are really, really bad. The contrast is funny. SKU is full of beautiful cars that represent sex, and power, and freedom, and AG is full of unbelievably crappy cars that represent... well, probably nothing very much, but most are worse than any car I've ever driven, which is saying something. I dunno if Gaiman knows anything about SKU, but I'll bet it's a sly dig at J.G. Ballard, and the cult of the sex car.

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