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Leaving on a jet plane

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."

HEADING out for my backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon, that I first mentioned way back here. I'll be gone until the 25th, so I won't be posting to my LJ until then, or after. Hope to post some pictures when I come back.

People ask me, "You hike alone? But... what if something happens to you?" I tell them that then I probably die, and am eaten by ravens. Ravens are the carrion birds of the canyon. But probably nothing will happen. A hiker dies about once every decade or two. The Canyon gets a couple of deaths a year, usually from tourists getting too near the cliff edge and falling off, sometimes while drunk. It may actually be safer to be a hiker.

Oh, and I ran noaizumi's 'Animal in you' selector. I am a mountain goat. Or a porcupine. Or maybe a bat. Well, the goat in me ought to be happy in the Canyon. Goat pursuits listed include both rock climbing and hiking! The porcupine doesn't sound so appealing. They list things like repo man and bureaucrat. Not angst-ridden giant robot pilot, for some reason. And I keep telling people I'm a bat, but they don't listen.

See you all in a week!

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