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And now, a Lego chestburster.

Also, some arresting hairstyles. Notice how often the facial expression resonates with the coiffure.

Including Worst. Mullet. EVAR.

[A knock on the door.]
Me: Who is it?
The Meme Fairy: This is the Meme Fairy. Mr. Tove, your memes have passed their expiration date.
Me: The what?
The Meme Fairy: I am charged with enforcing internet memes, fads, tropes, and catch phrases. Slithy Tove, I am here to inform you that the 'Worst. Foo. EVAR.' formulation hasn't been amusing since 2004 at the latest. You will immediately tagged as an old fogy unless you translate it into current memeage.
Me: ...but I am an old fogy...
The Meme Fairy: A boring old fogy. A boring, out-of-touch old fogy. You might as well start eating early-birds right now.
Me: Heaven forfend. [thinks] Someone set us up the mullet?
The Meme Fairy: Why not just pop out of a cornerstone and sing "The Michigan Rag?"  Zero Wing quotes were stale in 2002.
Me: In Soviet Russia—
The Meme Fairy: Oh, stop, just stop.
Me: 133t-speak?
The Meme Fairy:
The only ones still using 133t-speak are bots making dictionary attacks on old passwords.
Me: Help me out here.
The Meme Fairy: Well, lolcat is well past its prime, but there isn't anything else on the horizon for now.
The Meme Fairy: That will do. Barely. But don't try to use lolcat again. It is aging rapidly, and will be considered hopelessly stupid by August, or September at the latest.
Me: So what am I supposed to do then?
The Meme Fairy: You must cruise the net for tedious hours, days, weeks, months, tirelessly searching for the newest memes and catch-phrases, so as to appear hip and edgy.
Me: There's no alternative?
The Meme Fairy: Not unless you want to come up with genuinely original and funny material of your own, that doesn't depend on merely copying someone smarter, more creative, and more amusing than yourself.
Me: But that would take effort.
The Meme Fairy: Well, then.
Me: Are we done?
The Meme Fairy: We are.
Me: Goodbye.
The Meme Fairy: Au revoir!
Me: Ah-ha! Gotcha!
But she was gone.


meaning: crest, pattern

紋章 == monshou == (noun) crest, coat of arms
菊の御紋 == kiku no gomon == (noun) Imperial chrysanthemum emblem

Left radical is 'thread' (糸). Right radical is 'text/writing' (文). This character refers to the embroidered crest on a garment. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Threads in crest form pattern like writing.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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