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Non-being and Somethingness, No. 7 in a series

SEAGRAM'S VO is running a billboard advertising campaign with the slogan "They drink VO. It's what men do." Each billboard features a bottle of VO and a rocks glass with a couple of inches of VO on a gold background, and an example in large print of 'what men do', followed by the slogan.

I'm a man. Are these things I do?

Current ads, from the Seagram's site (I've seen most of these on the road, too):

What men do Me
"They don't browse." Are you kidding? I'm browsing right now, this here's a browser. Sheesh.
"They watch golf on TV." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
"They high five." Nope.
"They buy the best equipment for a sport they've never played." Okay, I admit to this one, on occasion.
"They really believe they could've gone pro." At what, Quake? Jogging? I don't think so.
"They remember scores. They forget anniversaries." What's a score? That's for, like sports?
"They try to learn guitar at least once." Touché. But it was a loooong time ago.

Four of these have to do with sports. Maybe there's a connection between sports and alcohol. Certainly there's a connection between football and beer. I'm just not a sports guy, which I admit, may make me atypical for a 21st century American male, and maybe most males, in most times and places. And if I get to pick my alcohol, I'll go with scotch, not Canadian, but that's just me.

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