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Luke, I am your third cousin twice removed on your mother's side.

'JEDI  Knight' is now officially recognized as a religion in the UK. Well, semi-officially. Census officials claim they don't 'officially recognize' religions, but there is it is, as an option on their census form, page 18, near the bottom of this pdf of the UK census form, if you're interested. Story at The Register.

Admittedly, 'Jedi Knight' is near the end of the list, religion #896, just above 'Heathen', 'Atheist', and the ever-popular 'None', and behind 'Other Religions'. Grr. Some of the other listed religions, though... ever hear of 'Vodun'? Or 'Sant Mat'? Or 'Realist'? Wasn't that the title of Paul Krassner's counterculture mag, back in the day? And how is a 'Pagan' (#323) different from a 'Heathen' (#897)?

But there are some really tempting religions there. Like 'Own Belief System' (#344), or 'Monk' (#113). I never realized that 'Monk' was its own religion. I like Enya, maybe I should be New Age (#324). And hey hey hey, what is this?!? 'Church of Free Lo—' Oh, wait, I misread it, it's 'Free Church of Love' (#352). Darn, so close.

BTW, I mentioned a few months ago that the sign-up for United E-fares gave you the option for scores of different, often weird, titles. I picked 'Swami', and sure enough, I've been getting regular e-mail spam from United addressed to 'Swami Slithy Tove'. But I'm not sure what religion that goes with. Something Eastern, I would guess, there are very few Roman Catholic or Anabaptist swami's, but beyond that, I'm kind of vague on what beliefs I'm supposed to have. You know, besides charming snakes 'n' stuff.

Wait, I've got it. #80, 'Nonconformist'. That's it! That's the church I've been looking for all my life!

I'll bet you don't get to use a lightsaber, though. :P

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