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Went jogging this morning in just t-shirt and shorts for the first time this year. Ah, it was sweet. First time it's been warm enough to lose the sweats since October or so. Glorious sunny weather, in the high 40's to 50's. Going to the low 60's sometime this day, the weatherman says.

My great blue heron is back, too. My running route takes me by several farm ponds and the creek they drain into, and in the summer there's usually a great blue heron standing in the creek, or the edge of the ponds, up to his hips in the water, looking for breakfast. Pretty impressive bird, pretty plumage, and large, stands about a meter tall.

Not everyone appreciates them. A friend has a pond in back of her house in which she keeps goldfish and koi. She also has a heron, who thinks of her pond as his own private sushi bar.

Verthandi: Not sushi, sashimi!

^_^;; Okay, his own private sashimi bar. Anyway, she's tried everything she can think of besides a gun, but the heron keeps coming back. And the number of goldfish and koi in the pond keep dwindling.
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