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Dept. of Recent Anime I Tried But Quit Watching

Pumpkin Scissors. Cute in all the wrong places. No, I don't believe a guy can take several point-blank hits from a tank cannon and survive with only minor wounds, no matter what kind of signaling light he's wearing. Maid uniform fetish. [God, I am sick of this obsession.] Logic errors. Creaky plots. Boring, shopworn villains. Worldbuilding ripped off FMA. I like the heroine, but she's not enough to save the show.

D.Gray-man. Every episode has to have at least one fight with enemy mecha 'akuma'. Tone, ensemble paramilitary cast, and atmosphere ripped off FMA, but not successfully. Annoying, pointless cute non-human sidekick. Dumb martial arts moves. Didn't make me care about what happened to any of the characters. Great villain, but he's not enough to save the show.

The Third. How can a show about a cute teen female gun-slingin' bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic world possibly go wrong? And yet it does. Absolutely no electricity between the cast members. No tension. No plot. By the time they were all sitting down to tea with no issues of interest on the table in the second episode, I had given up on the show. Mediocre art and animation, too.

Buso Renkin. Unconvincing alchemy handwaving ripped off FMA. Uninteresting hero. Boring generic villains. School uniform fetish. WORST-LOOKING WEAPONS IN ALL ANIME. The heroine's weapons look like giant tinkertoys. That she wears strapped to her thighs. I am not making this up.

Black Blood Brothers. Characteristics of vampires seem contrived solely for the purpose of generating and resolving plot issues. Worldbuilding: complications >>> interest. Every episode has to have a dumb vampire fight. I like the heroine's name, Mimiko, but that's about it.

Recent anime I actually like: Simoun.

Other anime I'm still watching and have hopes for: Red Garden, Innocent Venus, Death Note.

Anime I'm still watching, but frequently want to punch the creators' heads: Jigoku Shoujo.


fu(mu), fu(maeru)

meaning: tread, step on

舞踏 == butou == (noun) dancing
踏み切る == fumikiru == (verb) to make a bold start/to take a plunge/to take off

Left radical is 'foot' (足). Right radical is a character found only in Chinese, meaning 'connect'. Its top element is 'water' (水) bottom element is 'sun' (日).  This radical acts phonetically to express 'come in contact with'. A foot that comes in contact with the ground is one that is treading. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Foot steps on sunlit water.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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