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Beyond Red vs. Blue: the Ten Regions of American  Politics.

via the unique and wonderful blog Strange Maps, which also brings you the planet Mongo, and too many other cool (and many dumb) maps to count.

My cats boarded with their veterinarian while I was at WFC. She gave them their annual rabies shots while they were there. The older cat, Tagalong, went along with the procedure, but the two-year-old, Justtellmeadamnedstory ('Story' for short), was reportedly a fireball. The vet and her assistant actually had to give her general anesthesia to get a needle into her.

The vet let me know that on her shop's Ten Worst list of Cats From Hell, my sweet, affectionate, lap-lovin', scratch-me-behind-the-ears-please little Story is No. 2.

I'm so proud.

And hellooooo, Icedove!

...hey, where'd my Thunderbird go?

I'm sorry, but the Debian vs. Firefox/Thunderbird feud is silly, silly, silly, and just annoying for the users. As far as I can tell, it's all about the testosterone. Geek testosterone. C'mon guys, kiss and make up, or have a fight in the parking lot, or settle it with a caber toss or something, and just give me my icons back, so I blend in inconspicuously with my peer group and don't have to use a browser called 'Iceweasel' which looks suspiciously just like Firefox.


meaning: wisdom

哲学者 == tetsugakusha == (noun) philosopher
先哲 == sentetsu == (noun) ancient wise man

Bottom radical is 'mouth/say' (口), which here means 'words'. Top radical is 'break' (折), which acts phonetically to express 'correct'. 'Correct words' means wisdom. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Speech broken but still shows wisdom.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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