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Girls with guns

SEEN this one yet? LJ's own Eliza Gauger, vebelfetzer, a 17 year-old student, created this image the day after the WTC attack. It's caught a lot of people's attention, been reprinted in several newspapers, and it's now available from CafePress as mugs and T-shirts. Over 500 have sold already, the proceeds to go to the Red Cross. The image has become known as 'Mommy Liberty'.

I really like this image. The day after the attack there were a bunch of editorial cartoons in various papers depicting the Statue of Liberty in tears. This is the first one I've seen showing her pissed, and armed, which really reflects America's mood better. Americans don't spend much time in tears, we're more practical than that.

I like the bare shoulders, too, which is an interesting riff on the neo-Classicism of the the original Statue of Liberty. But then, I've always had a weakness for girls with guns. And for partially clad women who symbolize political concepts, too.

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