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When I was moving to Linux earlier in the year I had a lot of problems with my mouse (a five-year-old el cheapo Logitech optical) and a KVM switch. I bought a Microsoft optical mouse, thinking it might help. It didn't. I ultimately found a partial solution to the KVM problem, but stuck with the MSFT mouse.

Tonight, it died. Or became deathly ill. It only works if you pick it up and shake it every 30 seconds. Ick.

So the MSFT mouse has been retired, and the ancient Logitech mouse is back at work. The Logitech mouse is still going strong after five years. The MSFT mouse failed after 6 months.

I'm just sayin'.

After finishing the Buffy DVDs a year or so ago, I started in on the commentary tracks. For some reason I quit in mid-6th season, but started listening again a few weeks ago.

As usual, Joss's commentaries are excellent, in terms of understanding how the episode was put together and why. Other people, the writers, assistant directors, actors, do a much less interesting job. They tend to chat. "Oh, didn't she look nice here! Was that after she had her hair cut? She had a different hairstyle every episode. Oh, [random actor] was so great to work with..." And god forbid [random actor] is also doing commentary, or he will start slobbering all over the assistant director, and the whole thing will spiral into a mutual love-fest until I wish the two would just get a damn room, and let someone else do commentary who will actually talk about the show. Hrumph.

But the most disturbing part of the commentaries on Season 6 and 7 episodes is that none of the writing and directing staff seemed to realize how bad they were. How the show spent its last two years doing baroque shark-jumping gymnastics. Time and again, commenters say that they're happy the episode came out so well, oblivious to the fact that although this episode or that may have been okay, the last two seasons were directionless and frustrating because Joss had said everything he had to say by the end of season 5, and was distracted by first Angel, and then Firefly.

The final song from "Once More, With Feeling," "Where Do We Go From Here," is a classic example of a 'Signal from Fred'.

The staff does realize that the fans didn't like Season 6 because the characters were chronically, relentlessly unhappy. But they seem unwilling to admit error.

They mention that Joss was dead set against the characters being happy. Fine. As Nancy Kress says, writers must not be afraid to hurt their characters. But you have to allow the cast to have hope. There must be light at the end of the tunnel. As long as the characters are growing, they can suffer. But if they suffer to no purpose, with no end in sight, it's just dreary.

God knows the characters suffered in the first three seasons. But they had hope, and were growing. Buffy's skills improved. She found love. Willow found friends that accepted her, a place at the table among the Scoobies, and learned magic. Xander and Cordelia found love, or at least concupiscence. The characters were always in danger, never secure, and didn't always make the right decisions, but they were growing, learning, becoming stronger. There was a *point* to their suffering.

And that's the last I have to say about Buffy, probably for quite a while. Good show, with flaws. Lots to learn, both from its strengths, and its mistakes.


hi(ku), hazu(mu), tama

meaning: bullet, spring, play

原子爆弾 == genshibakudan == (noun) atomic bomb
糾弾 == kyuudan == (noun that can take する to act as a verb) blame

Left radical is 'bow' [archery] (弓). Right radical is 'simple/weapon' (単), which acts phonetically to express 'small round object'. This character originally denoted a catapult-like weapon; it has since become associated with projectiles shot by weapons. The idea of pulling a bowstring has carried over into meanings relating to playing stringed instruments. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Bullet springs forth from simple bow.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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