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Pray for gridlock

Democrats are hoping to overturn the Republican margin in Congress in this November's election. It's unclear they can do so [Votemaster], but they have a fighting chance. Republicans have been in power for a while, the shine of the Gingrich Congress has tarnished, the war in Iraq isn't going smoothly, and so forth. However, the voters seem to be skeptical the Democrats will do any better.

There is one way in which they might do better than the Republicans, though: simply by being Democrats. They will pass legislation that even Bush can't gag down, and will have to veto. So far the only bill which Bush has vetoed is a stem cell bill. Everything else passed, all the ridiculous, budget-busting pork, from both Democrats and Republicans.

A real Republican (Reagan comes to mind) would have had the guts to veto pork-laden spending bills even if they came from his own party. Bush doesn't. But I don't see how he can avoid vetoing Democratic spending bills. Nor will he be able to get his own legislation past a Democratic Congress.

In other words, what the Democrats have to offer us is gridlock for the next two years.

I like gridlock. Go, gridlock!


meaning: birth, deceive

誕生日 == tanjoubi == (noun) birthday
生誕百年 == seitanhyakunen == (noun) 100th birthday celebration

Left radical is 'words' (言). Right radical is 'stretch/extend' (延), which acts phonetically to express 'big'. 'Big stretched words' seems to be a reference to bragging or deception. The modern meaning 'birth' is borrowed. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Use stretched words to deceive about birth.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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