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For the first time, astronomers have witnessed a supernova in real time. This was made possible by a NASA Swift satellite detecting an unusually long gamma ray burst, then reorienting itself to catch the supernova as it evolved. I admit, I had never heard of 'Swift' before. Hubble hogs all the limelight.

"The exceptionally long burst, in the form of a jet of high-energy X-rays, pierced through the doomed star from its core and sent out a warning within minutes that a supernova was imminent. As the GRB faded away the massive star blew itself into smithereens."

Movies! We want on-line movies!

Words I thought I knew but actually read wrong, Dept.

noun [mass noun] the action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in winter and highlands in summer.
transhumant adjective.
origin early 20th cent.: from French, from the verb transhumer, based on Latin trans- ‘across’ + humus ‘ground’.

Now I've got this great idea of founding the Transhumance Movement in science fiction. Our stories will be about cows and farm boys with switches. Also dogs. They'll be set in, oh, Provence, or maybe Switzerland or India. They'll involve seasonal journeys, the transcending of human physical bodies, the merging of human consciousness with computers, or perhaps with the substance of the universe itself, and the emergence of higher, almost god-like beings out of boys, cows, and dogs.

What do you think?


nigo(ru), nigo(su)

meaning: impure, turbid, voiced

清濁 == seidaku == (noun) good and evil, purity and impurity
混濁 == kondaku == (noun) muddiness, turbidity

Left radical is a radical form of 'water'. Right radical is a Non-General Use character meaning 'caterpillar', here used phonetically to express 'impure'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Turbid water, full of caterpillars.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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