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Okay, so the Jaguar ads are telling me that skinny women who dress nicely will dance around and hug me if I buy a Jag. And I'll be driving across rain-shiny pavements at an airport. At night. Maybe I'll pilot my own jet. And I'll have theme music with a strong backbeat. And fast editing.

The Hummer ads are telling me that if other men sneer at me because I eat tofu and vegetables, I can get back my manhood by buying a Hummer.

Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, the Lexus ads are telling me that if I drive a Lexus, I won't hit baby deer. Cause I'm a sweetheart who would be saddened by hitting a baby deer. And possibly eats tofu.

See, I want a Jag TV ad with the car up on a lift in a repair shop, and the mechanic (who looks like a supermodel) handing the owner a bill for US$25,000 to fix the epicyclic pressure transducer chain, which has failed at 15,000 miles, because, you know, transducer chains always do that in a Jag. The ad would have hot editing. And punchy music.

My Saturn SC is closing in on 120,000 miles, and it's having trouble getting down the stairs in the morning. Maybe it's time for a new car. I love my Saturn dealership, but the current crop of Saturn models makes the reviewers in the automotive press throw up in their laps. So maybe I should look at something else. Not a Jag or a Hummer, though.

Dear god, someone please tell me this is a hoax.

I mean, they're building a faux Irish pub... in Sligo.


meaning: womb

母胎 == botai == (noun) womb, uterus
受胎 == jutai == (noun that can take する to act as a verb) conception, fertilization

Left radical is 'flesh/of the body' (肉). Right radical is 'stand/platform' (台), which acts phonetically to express 'pregnancy'. The womb is the body part connected with pregnancy. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Womb is a sort of fleshy platform.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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