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The lights are going out all across the Middle East

The current escalation in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict certainly has brought the anti-semites out from under their rocks. There has always been a deep vein of anti-semitism just beneath the surface in European politics. Anti-semitism was present in US politics, as well, in the 1920s and 1930s. The experience of WWII cured us of that, I thought, at least among educated people. But lately, it's been surfacing again. Someone on Crooked Timber actually used the 'Some of my best friends are Jews' line.

P.S.: just because you're wondering: no, I'm not a Jew. My long Germanic surname is Pennsylvania Dutch, not Yiddish. I don't agree with every Israeli policy *cough*settlements*cough* but my reading of history is that the Jews, like other nations, need a geographic state to survive and prosper, and have the right to defend that state when it is attacked.

This conflict is notable for new technology. For the first time, Hezbollah has missiles that can hit Haifa from inside Lebanon. Probably made in Iran. Gee, thanks, Iran. And a remotely-piloted drone hit an Israeli warship, did substantial damage, and apparently killed four sailors (one body recovered, three still missing). No terrorist group has used unmanned drone planes before. Wonder when they'll have one that can cross the Atlantic?

Unclear whether the drone was also Iranian, or homebrew. A second drone hit a nearby Egyptian cruise ship, apparently by accident. Oops.

Terrorist groups manufacturing sophisticated aerial drones in the basement has a strong Singularity odor about it, doesn't it?

It's time for: Ten Signs the Singularity Has Arrived.

"4) Civilization collapses and rebuilds itself several times during your daily commute to work. This generally causes you only a slight delay."



meaning: foundation stone

定礎式 == teisoshiki == cornerstone ceremony
基礎 ==  kiso == (noun) foundation, basis

Left radical is 'stone' (石) The right radical is a Non-General Use character which now means 'cane/rod', but originally referred to the foot of a tree. Its components are a doubling of 'tree' (木), and 'foot' (足). It acts phonetically to express 'place/lay', and also expresses the idea of the 'foot' of something. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Foundation stone laid at foot of two trees.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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