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6. fabulous ones

BoingBoing reports that the Air Force wants to study blogs to aid the War on Terror. Specifically, it's an 'Automated Ontologically-Based Link Analysis'. 'Ontologically-Based'? It has to do with the nature of being?

Dear Air Force: it's safe to skip my LJ. Nothing here to see. Really. Save the taxpayers a few pennies.

Patriotically yours,



susu(meru), komo

meaning: recommend, mat

自薦 == jisen == (noun) self-recommendation
推薦状 ==  suisenjou == (noun) letter of recommendation

Top radical is 'grass'. The lower/right radical is a character only found in Chinese, which signifies a fabulous beast, supposed to be like both a horse and a deer. It is used here to mean 'grazing animal', and acts phonetically to express 'fresh' and 'eat'. This character originally meant fresh grass grazed on by animals. Henshall suggests taking the right/lower radical as a combination of the 'building' radical, 'west' (西), and a 'short' variant of 'horse' (馬), and as a mnemonic: 'Short horse recommends grass mats in western building.'薦

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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