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Guns. Lots of guns.

THE Matrix.

It's a car. A new model from Toyota. Called the 'Matrix'.

I think they're running out of good car names. Look at the new model names this year: Rendezvous, Escalade (I'm getting flashbacks to Viet Nam, guys...), Envoy, Axiom (...the hell?), Vibe. I like the name of the new Lincoln Blackwood. It's kind of dark, isn't it? Sounds like a British villain from a detective or spy novel. Stuff like perfume sometimes gets given dark brand names (Tabu, Opium, Poison), but I can't think of any evil-sounding car brand before. I approve.

But naming a car after a movie? It was bad enough when they named a car after a book on business management. Or was the Hyundai Excel named after the spreadsheet, which was named after that book on business management? But the 'Matrix'? Are we started own a slippery slope here? Although... it might be kind of cool having a car named 'Phantom Menace'.

And even cooler having a car named 'Adolescence Mokushiroku'. Hopefully, it would be pink and swoopy, futuristic and retro, with huge cowlings over the wheels, and a key with a rose design on it.

I'd drive it!

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