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Peace and Love, Incorporated

I think this is postmodern... or something. "is a full service, web based corporation that enables you, from the comfort of your home or office, to organize a demonstration using a custom designed, full size banner to be displayed by our staff directly on the sidewalk in front of the White House."

Oh, and here's another priceless quote from the site: "Without traveling long distances or taking time off of work you can, with the click of a mouse, send a loud and clear message to the President of the United States, Congress or the world - all at a reasonable price."

Prices start at $50 an hour for a 3' x 10' banner. But that's without a demonstration. Demonstrations come extra.

I wonder how much they charge for fighting with the police, trashing cars, breaking store windows, spraying graffiti on buildings, getting hauled off to jail, and writing passionate, angry articles about the experience for the Village Voice, The Nation, and The Utne Reader?

And how about sincerity? How do much do they charge for that, huh?


Actually, I'm more amused than bitter. This reminds me of the scene in the movie Network where the TV lawyers and executives negotiate with the terrorists for what footage they'll provide at what price. Hilarious scene. Machine guns add a definite something to contract negotiations. If you haven't seen Network, go rent it now.

I suppose something like was bound to happen. Everything is going virtual, including, it would seem, the institution of the street demonstration, which has been around in one form since, say, Wat Tyler. Wat got himself killed, like that guy in Genoa, and I'm not sure either of them accomplished anything. Maybe virtual protests are a better idea, anyway.

I have this urge to order up a protest sign with something surreal on it, like 'Pick me up foxy night game', or "Smash the world's shell!"

Thanks, and a tip o' the hat to Undertoad and The Cellar's Image of the Day, where I learned about this outfit.

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