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Risk homeostasis.

I first heard of this a few years ago, and found this concept fascinating: that every person has their own risk set-point. That is, that every one of us has a certain level of preferred risk at any given activity (driving a car, trading the stock market, unprotected sex). This means that we will change our behavior to adjust our risk downward if we find ourselves doing things too risky (lower the speed we are driving if the road is slippery, wear a condom if our prostitute looks cachectic or has visible lesions).

But it also means (perhaps counterintuitively) that we will act to raise our level of risk if we think it is too low. Our portfolio has been boringly increasing in value month after month? Trade futures! Options! Penny stocks! Head for Vegas! The state forces us to wear a seat-belt? Drive faster! Blow through red lights!

Yes, people really do this stuff. Different people have different preferred levels of risk, but we all apparently act in a less, or more, risky manner so as to adjust the risk in our activities to what our own secret risk-organ is whispering to us.

And speaking of driving. This has nothing to do with risk-seeking. I think the logical fallacy here is the 'appeal to authority'. If the sat-nav says it, well, it must be right. Right? Splash!




meaning: soak, immerse

水浸し == mizubitashi == (noun) flooded out, submersion
浸食 ==  shinshuku == (noun which can take  する to act as a verb) erosion, corrosion

Left radical is a radical form of 'water'.  The top right radical is one of the radical versions of 'hand'. The bottom right radical is another of the many radical versions of 'hand'. Originally, the entire right radical was a pictograph of a hand holding a broom. It is used here phonetically to express 'advance'. 'Advancing water' = flood. Henshall suggests taking the element between the two right radicals as a 'cover', and as a mnemonic: 'Soak hands, covering them with water.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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