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In a handbasket?

YOU'RE going to Hell!

Or, 'your going to Hell', actually.

I really want to say this site one of those joke sites, like the Citizens United Against Football or the Winning The War On Masturbation sites. But it's a little too large, and the owner seems to have put too much work into it for it to be just a joke. And yet...and yet... it's just so over the top.

I really wish a lot of the links on the left worked. Imagine how disappointed I was to push the 'Whoremongers click here', and get a 404 error. Aw, shucks. But you know, anyone who even uses the term 'whoremonger' is okay in my book. You gotta love the way this guy throws himself into his work. And look at the rest of his gallery of villains: homosexuals, Wiccans, pagans, 'praying to angels', 'praying to dead people' (is he trying to say Shinto?), Buddhists, 'perverts and other sickos', Catholics (hey, hands off my nurses!), 'Gothics and vamp freaks', Muslims, Jews! Wonder how he feels about Harry Potter slash? No, wait, don't tell me, I think I know.

As dancingspring pointed out a little while ago, most of the extreme Christian Right's bete noirs sound like fun people to party with.

There's just so much to love here. Of the three people in his 'Hellbound of the Month' list, one sounds like the site owner's local competition, and the other two are Ted Turner and John Travolta. Damn right. Ted deserves to burn, baby, burn for colorizing all those old black and white films. Have you seen the colorized version of It's a Wonderful Life? It threatens the sanity. And Travolta, well, he's a Scientologist, 'nuff said. To the 9th Circle with you both!

Have I said how much I love the music? Grab the Goths and the Wiccans and let's DANCE! (Reload the page for the next song. Most is rock/techno.)

And I love these signs of the approaching Apocalypse: both 'Profit warnings slam stocks', and 'Blue chips extend gains'. Looks like we're damned no matter what the stock market does. Oh, and another sign is 'Dung rains on Mormons'. W00t!

Anyone recognize the guy's mascot, the one with the speech balloon? She's obviously anime/manga, but I don't think I know her.

I do love this site. It's almost like found art.


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