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Proposition: 9-11 conspiracy theory is the Creationism of the political left.

Exhibit A: this recent thread on my loved/hated MetaFilter. There have been a number of similar threads over the past few years.

What do Creationism and "Bush/NSA/Mossad demolished the Twin towers" have in common? Besides giving new meaning to the word 'dumb'?

They both focus on tiny anomalies, and ignore huge glaring facts.

They both assign immense importance out-of-context quotes. Note the fetishism over the word 'pulled' uttered by Larry Silverstein. For Creationist examples, google 'bevets'.

At the core, they both represent the human mind's discomfort with randomess, chance, and contingency. The Creationists can't bring themselves to believe that the complexity and beauty of the world could have come into being except through the deliberate action of a Creator. As for 9-11 conspiracy buffs, listen to one person on that MeFi thread, "I think the answer is pretty damn clear that eleven fuck-ups from nowhere Arabia could never have coordinated and executed this all of this all by themselves."

No, no, such horror must have the hand of Sauron in it. It must have been Bush. It must have been the Jews.




meaning: imperial edict

詔勅 == shouchoku == (noun)  imperial edict, decree
詔書 == shoujo == (noun) imperial edict, decree

Left radical is 'word/speak' (言). Right character is 'summon' (召). Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Summoned to hear words of imperial edict.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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