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The Political Spectrum.

The national US political spectrum. I admit, I don't understand the statistical method—'singular value decomposition'—but the point seems to be to find clusters of similarity. Members of Congress were clustered depending on which bills they sponsored or co-sponsored. I.e., no judgment was made on whether the member, or the bill, was 'liberal' or 'conservative', or even Republican or Democratic, although the members' names are in red or blue depending on their party, and, unsurprisingly, (R) and (D) do tend to flock together.

I find this interesting, in that it gets away from the conventional political axis.

Note that of my own Senators, Arlen Specter is grouped with a bunch of Democrats, and even Santorum and Lott are in the same general area as McCain, and not far from the blue mass of Democrats. (That's why I'm not going to vote for Santorum this year: he's too darned liberal!)1

Other surprises: you thought Hillary, her eye on the White House, was running towards the center? Not according to the bills she sponsors: she's in the same area as Boxer, Kerry and Kennedy. And look at Pete Stark in the vicinity of Bernie Sanders, Henry Waxman, and Charles Rangel. Golly, I never imagined Pete hung out with that crowd. And the two Independents in the House, Sanders and Jeffords, both hang with the Democrats, but in two entirely different areas.

Mmmm, the graphical display of quantitative information. I find this kind of stuff fascinating. I need a geek icon.




meaning: be like, be lucky

== fushou == (adjective that takes な, noun) my humble self, my unworthy self, incompetent, your humble servant
== shouzouga == (noun) portrait

Bottom radical is 'flesh/of the body' (肉). Top radical is a variant of 'little' (小). This character originally referred to offspring resembling their parents; now it means 'be like' in a more general sense. It is unclear how it also came to mean 'be lucky'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Little one is like parents in body and in luck.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

1. This is a joke.
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