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Okay, I'm back.

I've spent the past ten days or so migrating from Windows 2K to Debian Linux.  It's been, um, interesting. There have been more than a few dark moments, but I think I'm pretty much there now.

I'm composing this on Mozilla Composer, having tried both the Open Office html editor and Bluefish, and not being very happy with either. Mozilla is nice, though. Better than the Frontpage 2K I had been using before.

Email: Thunderbird. I looked at Sylpheed-Claws, but it was just too ugly. Why, oh why does software still get written that uses fonts that look like refugees from the 1980s? I'm looking at you, too, GnuCash.

Text: OO writer for word processing, Bluefish for general text, nano for system file editing.

I'm still messing with an input method for Japanese. I've got scim, anthy, scim-uim and supporting files, and scim seems to be working, but scim doesn't seem to be aware of anthy. I'm using JWPce to generate Unicode for characters, and Gimp to generate the large character in the post. It's actually somewhat more convenient than the convoluted method I was using under Windows.

Samba helped me transfer all my text files and whatnot from Win2k. Several little gotchas with Samba, but I worked my way around them.

TCP/IP worked out of the box, thank heavens. My adapter is built into the Asus A8N5X motherboard, and the Nvidia Forcedeth drivers it needed were present in the distro. The video drivers (Nvidia 6600) and the audio drivers (also Nvidia, also part of the MB) were more of a problem, but the Nvidia website has driver source that can be built and installed.

Printing did not work out of the box. Lots of futzing with CUPS and foomatic before I got my two USB printers working, but working they now are, and the HP Deskjet d135 can even work as a scanner via the SANE drivers.

After trying etch, I finally settled on Sarge. I'm running the k7 smp kernel. I looked at etch for AMD64, but it feels very sketchy. I'm still going to play with i386 etch, though. It does feel a little faster than Sarge.

I'm running a fairly vanilla Gnome desktop.

Home accounting software is still up in the air. GnuCash seems to be having major problems sustaining momentum, and Kmymoney is getting better current reviews.

Sonar2, the submission tracking software, isn't working under Wine, which complains about a missing dll, apparently a Visual Basic library. I may just borrow it from my Win2K install. Ultimately, though, I'd like to track down a native *ix app. Or write one. I'm pretty sure I could do it in Perl, at least. A sub tracker is not a very complicated app.

BTW, besides speed, one of the advantages of my new system is quiet. I avoided components that commenters on Newegg complained were noisy, and the result is a system that is far quieter than my old one. Half the time the CPU fan doesn't even turn on for a couple of minutes after I boot. CPU temps are running at slightly over human body temperature. Damn. Most of the time the CPU fan is lazing along at 800-900 rpm. Power supply fan is doing around 1200 rpm. Noisiest fan in the system is the chipset fan, which according to some stuff I've read may not even be necessary if you're not an overclocker. I may replace it with a passive chipset cooler in the future.

I haven't been doing much of anything else besides ADLs during the past fortnight, haven't written fiction, or even paid too much attention to LJ or email. But now I'm mostly moved in, and can get back to real life. Howdy, all. How've you been?



toko, yuka

meaning: bed, floor, alcove

== rinshou == (noun) clinical pathology
起床== rishou == (noun) rising, getting out of bed

Outer radical is 'house'. Inner radical is 'tree' (木). This character originally referred to a 'sickbed'. The outer radical may be a miscopying of the 'sickness' radical. In Japanese it has acquired the meanings of 'floor', and 'alove', in which a bed might be put. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Building has wooden floor and bed in alcove.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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