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Homebrew PC, No. 1

THE time has come to build my homebrew PC. All the parts are here, except for the Millenium Glaciator cooler, which got lost somewhere in UPS-land. I'm not going to overclock, and I missed out on getting the Athlon stepping that overclocks well anyway, so I'm just going to use the cooler that came with my Athlon. The In-Win Q500 case I got from came damaged, so I RMA'ed it, and got another one from It arrived today, intact. I've pulled the GeForce2 from my HTPC, and installed a Radeon LE instead. (BTW, after installing the Radeon I can confirm what others have reported, that Radeons r0x0r for home theatre apps. Seriously. More on this later, maybe.)

Everything is sitting out on the kitchen table, in a 'passion of patience'.

It's 2:01 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, August 30, 2001. I've used PC's for 15 years, but never built a scratch one before. My adventure is about to begin.

I'll keep you posted.

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