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"Why don't I look like a supermodel?"

MY female friends often complain that they never feel pretty enough. Yours probably do, too. If you're female, you probably feel this way yourself. I don't think I know one woman who feels pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, glamorous enough, except those who are certifiably insane.  "Look at her," girls say, pointing to some actress or supermodel. "I don't have a nose like that, eyes like that, lips like that, cheekbones like that, boobs like that, or a butt like that. Why can't I be as pretty as she is?"

And I tell them, "Actresses and models look good because that's their job. They work at it 8, 10, 12 hours a day at looking gorgeous, just as other ambitious people work at their jobs. If you worked that hard at being beautiful, you'd be beautiful too. But if you did, that's all you'd do with your life, because it's a full-time job."

Girls tend not to believe me. Or at least they say they don't.

Well, Bucky, now I've got proof. Look here, and giggle. Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, and Christina Applegate, in the cold, clear light of morning, without make-up and without studio lighting. They're all very ordinary-looking women.

For another example, and a sort of deconstruction of the whole beauty thing, take a look at Asia Carrera, glamorous pr0n star. Here she is at home, without makeup, sexy clothing or big hair, in front of her PC, probably looking a lot like you, if you're female. Here she is again, looking a lot like your sister. And here is her make-up tips page, (warning for those of you in the school library: minor nudity) in which she is automagically transformed from cute but ordinary looking woman into glamorous sex queen. How long does all this take? Two hours. Or more.

See? It's all make up and lighting.

So, if you're depressed because you don't look like Cameron Diaz, take heart! Even Cameron Diaz doesn't look like Cameron Diaz when she's not in front of the camera. Really.

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