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The Hour of the Wolf interview went fairly well, I think. Jim Freund is very good at putting a guest at his ease. He says he will be updating the HotW website this coming week, and a streaming version of the show will probably be up then.

I traipsed around lower Manhattan a bit after the show, visited the World Trade Center site, the NYSE (which has, ahem, been very good to me this last week), and wandered through the graveyard of Trinity Church at the head of Wall Street. By then I was freezing—26 degrees, and I had neglected to wear a hat—and I came home.

  1. They have to do something with the WTC area. It looks like a construction site.
  2. Tombstones don't wear well. After a couple of hundred years, a limestone tombstone looks like a bar of bath soap almost used up. Some of the markers were made of a red stone which spalled apart in fragile sheets. No better.

sclerotic_rings posted that the Air Force is seriously investigating a hyperspace drive. It involves an intense magnetic field.

See, there was this MRI machine malfunction that resulted in the patient being fired out of the scanner at several times the speed of light, winding up in Hong Kong in under a second. Not being able to speak the language, having no ID papers or money, and clad only in an open-back hospital gown, the patient spent several years learning Chinese and working at menial jobs before he could earn enough to buy passage back to the States, and tell the hospital what had happened.

The hospital, meanwhile, had no idea the patient had been shot to Hong Kong through a parallel dimension. When the patient disappeared from the scanner, the doctors assumed he had been vaporized. When they discovered otherwise, they immediately called the Air Force and proposed to change their grant description from 'Investigation of an MRI-based Death Ray' to 'Investigation of an MRI-based Hyperspace Engine.'

The End.


meaning: vermilion, red

朱色 == shuiro == (noun) vermilion, scarlet
朱筆を加える == shuhitsu wo kawaeru == (verb) to make corrections

Originally a pictograph of the center of a tree, which is often a reddish color. Henshall suggests taking it as 'treetop' ('tree' (木) with an extra branch) the extra stroke as a 'ribbon', and as a mnemonic: 'Bright red ribbon in treetop.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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