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There'll always be an England

FOUND this on MetaFilter: contemporary Britons seem to be embarrassed at the traditional name of a British dessert, 'Spotted Dick', a suet pudding. The Tesco supermarket chain has gone so far as to rename it 'Spotted Richard'. A spokesman said: “We noticed that all our traditional puddings were selling very well—apple pies, crumbles—but for some reason sales of spotted dick were dropping off." Sales were soft, so to speak.

Not everyone is happy with the name change. The Pudding Club, 'which promotes traditional British desserts', was livid.

“We are absolutely outraged by this,” said Simon Coombe, the club’s chief taster, “spotted dick has always been spotted dick and there is no reason to change that. I have no intention whatsoever of following this ridiculous example and will continue to use the name spotted dick.”

I don't know what's funnier, that quote, or the fact that there is a Pudding Club at all.

Full story from the Times here.

By the way, ever taste a 'suet pudding'? Doesn't sound very good, I know, but properly made, they can be delicious. They've gone out of favor in the modern world, and aren't served very much in America at all. The best known suet pudding in the US is known here as English Plum Pudding, but there are many others. Suet pudding isn't healthy—suet is, after all, a main ingredient—and I wouldn't make it part of my regular diet, but once in a while, it's an interesting and different treat. Plum Pudding with hard sauce at Christmas is traditional, and delicious. Not terribly difficult to make. Maybe I'll get around to putting up a recipe in a few months.

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