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All right, the year-end writing review, the way everyone else is doing it:

Total wordage: 44,500
Stories finished: 5
Submissions: 27
Sales: 3
Novel wordage: 20,000

Total suckage: immense.

Wordage is simply dreadful. Note that of the non-novel wordage, 5000 were on a single story written in a single night, during the WotF workshop. (Tim Powers said the next day, "You know, this story doesn't have a plot." And nope, it didn't. Lots of action, suspense, drama, danger, but oddly, no plot. Has yet to be plotted up. I like the ideas, but I think the story is going to have discarded, and the ideas used afresh in some other story. So sad.)

I note sadly that the months of June and July were largely spent staring at the screen, trying to revise two short stories, neither one of which has sold. Two months. The latter half of August and the first half of September were spent staring at the screen, trying to whip the WotF story into shape, and failing to do so. I revise very badly. Once the words are on paper, I can make sentence level, paragraph level revisions, but its very hard for me to imagine the story anew, which is what those stories needed. Lesson: don't do this. Your time is better spent writing a new story.

In mid-September I saw where the year was heading in writing fiction, and didn't like it. I resolved: 

  • write every day
  • write 200 words on working days, 1000 words on days off
  • turn off the dsl modem while writing

It's worked. I've increased my working day word goal to 400, and I'm making it on most days. I miss a day now and then because of exhaustion on coming home from work, or other pressing responsibilities, but in general I'm getting the wordage I want. Half the year's wordage has been in the last three months.


meaning: obstruct, interrupt

遮断 == shadan == (noun which can take する to act as a verb) interception, quarantine
遮断器 == shadanki == (noun) circuit-breaker, railway crossing gate

Left/lower/outer radical is 'movement'. Right/inner radical is 'various' (庶), which acts phonetically to express 'put'. These elements apparently originally meant, 'put something in the way of movement'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Various things can obstruct movement.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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