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Upcoming film: Waking Life

ROTOSCOPING HAS has a really bad rep among anime fans, but there's a movie due out in October from the director of Slackers and Dazed and Confused that looks as though it's going to use rotoscoping not to feign real animation, but unashamedly, as itself, as a tool for distilling down reality to the essentials of form and color; or perhaps, create film as it would look like if it were made by a Cubist, or a Fauve.

I know that's pretty incomprehensible, but take a look at the trailer for the film, Waking Life, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

This looks, really, really cool. I only hope the plot, theme, and character can keep up with the snazzy technique of the filmmaking. That's been the curse of film for the last twenty years, hasn't it? Huge special-effects budgets, good music, flashy editing, but crappy scripts,  and acted by actors whose chief talent is their puppy-dog eyes, and actresses whose chief talent is their perky breasts. Hrumph.

I hope Waking Life works. It looks so cool.

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