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Reviews: Monster, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Blood+, Zettai Shounen, Mai Otome

Recent anime fansubs watched:

Monster. Similar in many ways to the 1960s US TV series, The Fugitive. Doctor is wrongly accused of murder, flees. Pursued by relentless detective. Protagonist tries to find the real killer, wins over a few more people in every episode, gradually poisoning the jury pool across the entire nation.

In Monster the protag is a Japanese physician living in Germany. All the action is in Germany. The 'monster' of the title is the real killer, a bishie psychopath, and more attention is focused on him than in the US TV series, in which the famous 'one-armed man' made only rare appearances. This show is realistic drama; no science fiction, no fantasy, no fan service. Not even much kawaii: the majority of the cast are paunchy middle-age German males, and the character designs do not neglect their wrinkles, bags, double chins, wattles, facial features rarely found in anime's usual line-up of fourteen-year-old schoolgirls.

cybaangel urged me to watch this show. Monster definitely has its moments, but after thirty-odd episodes I'm giving up. The most intriguing characters aren't getting enough screen time—the protag's psychotic ex-fiancé, an endearingly sleazy small time criminal, neo-nazi mobsters, the 'monster' himself—and the current plot arc is moving with glacial speed.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. I generally don't watch anime based on H-games. I made an exception for this one, and wish I hadn't. All female characters over the age of ten have immense breasts. Decent visual production values, good music, nice character designs, except for those Graf Zeppelin breasts—I love the chick in the preposterously huge hat—but the plots make no damned sense. YBHT has the all-too-common anime flaw of lots of style, no substance. Giving up after episode 7 of 13.

Blood+. Vampire stuff, with one of those archetypal schoolgirls as the slayer. Sequel to the Blood: The Last Vampire movie, which I haven't seen. Currently playing in Japan, only three episodes have been fansubbed. Initial impression: I like it. Good production values, nice art; the OP and ED music is a little too happy-poppy for the show's subject matter. I like the heroine, Saya, a lot, both in the character design, which reminds me of Kozue in SKU, and in the VA, Kitamura Eri, a name new to me. Here's Saya slaying:

Love the intensity.

And the lipstick. Lipstick in anime tends to be a marker for 'bad girl'. I don't think I've ever seen an anime character design for a heroine that has her in (visible) lipstick. Yet, see above. Is this a hint of the character's dark/slayer side?

Zettai Shounen. I don't quite know what to make of this show. Outstanding production values, nice music, average character design, very atmospheric. And almost nothing happens in, so far, twenty episodes. Something about another world close to ours, and the membrane between beginning to break, and tiny UFO's (or something), mixed up with coming-of-age, adjustment-to-peer-group, and oodles and oodles of teenage-romantic-angst and general-purpose anomie. The first half (the show breaks sharply in the middle) reminds me a lot of Figure 17: Tsubasa and Hikaru, about an urban child from a broken home who travels to a rural area, grows up and learns about the wonders of Nature. A beautiful, atmospheric show; I can even forgive it if nothing ever happens.

Mai Otome. Second season of Mai HiME, set in an alternate universe. Shounen mahou shoujo. Almost all-girl cast, overwhelming cuteness in character design, script, voice acting. No, please, no more. Watched one episode, a few minutes of the next, but that's all I can take.


sosonoka(su), soso(ru)
meaning: entice, incite

示唆 == shisa == (noun) suggestion, hint
教唆 == kyousa == (noun) instigation

Left radical is 'mouth/say' (口). Right radical is a character only found in Chinese, meaning 'linger', which acts phonetically to express 'coerce/exhort'. Henshall suggests taking the left radical in its extended sense as 'words', and as a mnemonic: 'Lingering words of enticement.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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