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Have you noticed that once someone mentions WoW, it's a sign they're going to disappear without a trace, often for months? Like Indie Tits, which was a very funny strip, until there was a WoW joke on September 12.. Three strips later, gone. Hasn't been seen since September 21.

Or Jascii, who mentioned in January that he'd been playing WoW... and then vanished for eight months.

Or someone on my flist Who Shall Not Be Named, who vanished shortly after mentioning they had been, um, playing a lot of WoW.

It's like one of those demons you can invoke by mentioning its name. I imagine WoW rising out of the sidewalk to swallow people entire, like one of those critters in Tremors.

It's also scary how mainstream WoW has become. The plague thing actually made the BBC news. Christian Democrats win in Germany... Rumors of Terror Threat in Indonesia... Plague of Corrupted Blood on Lightning's Blade and Skullcrusher... 

Ultima Online and Everquest were pretty geeky, culty things, but WoW is much more mainstream. I'm fully expecting Google to bring out a MMORPG ("Goorpgle"?) in a year or two. It will suck in a third of all PC users worldwide, result in NYT above-the-fold stories when a guild kills some major mob for the first time, and spell the start of the Singularity.


meaning: scales, yoke

平衡 == heikou == (noun) even scale, equilibrium, balance, equalization
衡平 == kouhei ==  (noun) weights and measures

Bottom center radical is 'big man' (大), which here simply means 'man'. Top middle radical is a simplification of 'horn' (角). The outer radical is 'go' (行), used here to express 'crosswise'. This character originally referred to a piece of wood tied across a cow's horns to protect the cowherd from being gored. This led its used to mean 'yoke'. How it came to mean 'scales' is unclear; the meaning may be borrowed. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Big stumpy horn goes on to the scales.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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